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Janam Kundli Astrology: The Most Logical/Authentic Method of Astrology Practice You Should Believe Contemporary Science and astrology might be going head to head, at least for some, but fact is that both are equally respected. Interestingly, astrology is a science by definition that a very few (even the astrology believers) try to realise. Anyway, both science and astrology are having pretty much equivalent hilt in terms of fan base.

How does its Work to Predict Your Future?

Various Forms: Talking about Astrology, there are many sorts of tricks applied on this regard. Be it card based predictions, parrots, etc., there are so many ways available, and are quite popular as well. In fact, Octopuses predict is also considered a form of astrology. The common part about all these mentioned ways is that these don’t involve any calculations or science. These are raw beliefs. Yes, on many occasions, predictions in these ways have come out to be shockingly right. But, there is no scarcity of false outcomes as well. In fact, these astrology ways have been criticized many times as the blind beliefs or the trickeries of the frauds.

  •   When will I get married?
  •   Why there is a delay in getting married?
  •   Do I have any dosha (affliction) which is delaying or denying marriage?
  •   Will I get an understanding partner
  •   What are my chances for a second marriage?

kundali patrikla



Kundali Patrikla - Vivek Panditji

Many people believe that this co-relation will help the Janam kundali astrologer to determine many aspects of your life. Therefore, it is vital to consult an astrologer before making use of your horoscope and jathakam for any matching or to predict future.

kundali patrikla

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